V6.4.0 - Launch of AI Editor & Addition of Client and Leads Activity Logs

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Released Date - 18 April 2023

In this new release, we are excited to announce the addition of a new application, the AI Editor, to our CRM marketplace. This application is designed to help you create stunning email templates and custom client pages with ease. In addition, we have incorporated activity logs for your clients and potential leads. This will allow you to keep track of their progress and stay up to date with their current status.


  1. AI Editor

    • An innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to suggest improvements to text-based communications like emails and pop-up notifications

    • Enhances emails and adds customized tabs to the CRM with unlimited creative possibilities

    • Helps users launch campaigns and promotional materials with ease

  2. Client & Leads Activity Logs

    • Logs all clients and leads interactions in one place, allowing for easy monitoring and tracking of activities

    • Provides an overview of all actions taken on the account

    • Increases transparency and accountability by identifying the person responsible for each action taken

AI Editor

1) Marketplace Installation

Install the AI Editor on your CRM by following the steps below:

Go to marketplace and click "Obtain".

2) Use of AI Editor

The AI Editor can be used in the following modules:

  1. Notify - Emails and Popup Notifications

  2. Navigation

  3. Agreements

  4. Email Templates

  1. Side tabs are added to distinguish between:

    • Simple Editor - default

    • Advanced Editor - AI Editor

  2. Navigate to "Advanced" to start using the AI Editor.

Please see the detailed breakdown of the AI Editor below:

  1. Columns

    • Columns assist you in dividing your content into multiple sections, which can help make it easier to read and more visually appealing.

    • You can select the number of columns you require and adjust your content accordingly.

  2. Heading

    • Headings are a way to capture the attention of your clients and provide a clear structure for your content.

    • You can add headings by dragging "Heading" into your content and adding the respective content.

    • Use the AI to generate multiple titles of different format by clicking "Get Suggestions".

    • You can change the tone and select your preferred heading.

  3. Text

    • Add in texts to your content by dragging it to the respective position.

    • Similarly, you can use the AI to generate content by clicking "Smart Text".

    • Select your preferred Smart Text function.

  4. Image

    • Add in images to make your content more visually appealing and engaging.

    • Use the AI to generate images for you by clicking "Generate Image", or simply upload your own image by clicking "Upload Image".

  5. Buttons

    • Buttons are a great way to make it easy for your clients to access links or call-to-actions directly from your content.

    • Add in buttons by dragging it into your content.

    • Use the AI to generate button texts.

  6. Dividers

    • Dividers are a useful tool to help separate different sections of your content and make it easier for your clients to navigate.

    • Add in dividers by dragging them into your content.

  7. HTML

    • You can also add HTML into your content to have greater control over the formatting and styling of the content.

    • Add in HTML by dragging them into your content and editing the HTML code.

  8. Menu

    • Menus are a powerful tool for adding interactivity to your content and providing your clients with a range of options to take action.

    • Actions include: visiting a URL, emailing or calling you.

    • Add menus by dragging it into your content

    • Fill in the text and select the respective action accordingly.

  1. Blocks are a versatile tool for organizing your content into distinct sections or subsections.

  2. Select your preferred blocks and drag it to your content.

  1. You can format the body of your content.

  2. The available functions are:

    • Text Color

    • Background Color

    • Content Width

    • Content Alignment

    • And Many More

3) Mobile Optimized

You can also adjust the formatting and style of your content to be optimized for mobile.

Simply click onto the "Mobile" icon and you will preview your content from a mobile device perspective. Make the necessary adjustments to the layout and style of the content.

Client and Leads Activity Logs

With the addition of activity logs to the Clients and Leads detail page, brokers now have the ability to easily monitor and track all activities carried out on the account. This feature also allows them to identify the person responsible for each action taken. By providing this level of transparency and accountability, brokers can effectively manage client accounts and ensure that all actions are properly documented and tracked.

The activity logs can be found under the "Info Updates" tab:

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