CRM Version Release Notes

Updated on 28 June 2024

Latest Updates

V7.16.0 - Multi-Module Optimizations

Exciting updates await in our latest release, focused on enhancing your CRM experience. Benefit from streamlined operations, improved flexibility in permissions, optimized deposit processes, and enhanced reporting capabilities. Stay ahead with these new enhancements designed to empower your operations and decision-making. Discover more below!

June 2024 Updates

V7.15.0 - Prop Trading Enhancements

In this major upgrade to our Prop Trading System, you'll experience powerful new functions and expanded flexibility in managing your Prop Challenges. One standout feature is the ability to adjust leverage settings for ongoing challenges without disruption, giving you enhanced control over your risk management strategies.

Furthermore, the prop trading dashboard has been optimized to deliver a more comprehensive, real-time display of critical data, significantly improving user experience for your clients.

We’ve also made the process of creating and publishing prop challenges easier and more intuitive. Plus, you can now download prop trading requests, allowing for detailed, tailored analysis.

Dive deeper to discover more about these enhancements!

V7.14.0 - Prop Trading 1 Step-Challenge, Tailored Profit Sharing and more!

Exciting times lie ahead as we offer you more options and flexibility for your Prop Trading Challenges, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors! Now, you can create one-step challenges where clients pay a registration fee and instantly receive a funded live account.

In addition to automated profit sharing, you'll now have the option to manually configure profit sharing settlements, giving you full control over when profits are distributed to your traders.

With our expanded range of system-generated notifications in the CRM, both you and your clients will effortlessly stay informed via email or pop-up alerts on challenge outcomes and profit-sharing settlements. Keep reading to explore all the details and discover other exciting functionalities!

May 2024 Updates

V7.13.0 - Smart FX Conversion & New Client Creation API

In this update, we have rolled out a Smart FX conversion capability that allows you to customize your exchange rate sources and easily integrate the rates within your CRM. This new function allows greater flexibility and precision in managing exchange rates for multi-currency transactions.

Furthermore, we have introduced a new "Client Creation" API. This API enables integration with third-party platforms and allows client accounts to be automatically created in the CRM, using information from the existing platform. This means that external systems such as a lead generation system or KYC system can automatically initiate an account creation process in the CRM, making client onboarding quicker and absolutely seamless.

Additionally, we've implemented automatic device recognition during PSP transactions to ensure user interface compatibility across all device types, thereby enhancing the security and tracking of all payment transactions.

V7.12.0 - Fireblocks Integration

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Fireblocks Vault with our CRM, a digital asset provider trusted by some of the world's leading banks and institutions. Fireblocks empowers brokers to seamlessly manage cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals with enhanced protection. By leveraging Fireblocks' enterprise-grade infrastructure, you can ensure both the safety and efficiency of your clients' crypto transactions. Keep reading to learn more!

V7.11.0 - Revamped Prop User Interface

It's showtime. Our new Prop Challenge UI has landed in Version 7.11.0!

This update is all about enhancing user experience and making challenges easier to navigate. With the redesigned challenge cards, your traders can effortlessly compare and pick their desired challenges. Payment is now a breeze with one-click participation, and traders participating in multiple challenges can easily keep tabs on all their progress with the intelligent overview feature.

Admins will also welcome the new edit & publish functions making challenge creation ever so easy. Discover these and other enhancements in this release!

April 2024 Updates

V7.10.0 - Introducing New Commission Schemes for Prop Trading Challenge Fee

Version 7.10.0 brings about major updates to the commission options for Prop trading challenges. Now, you have the flexibility to customize your prop challenge fee payout structure based on Rank Commission, Overriding Commission or Same Rank Bonus, allowing a host of options to attract and retain your referrers.

March 2024 Updates

V7.9.0 - Optimizations Across Multiple Modules

In our most recent update, we've focused on optimizing essential CRM modules. Key improvements include expedited onboarding with the ability to opt out of email OTP verification during account registration. Furthermore, trading reports are now automatically generated by default, and editing promotional link domains is now a seamless process without the need for recreation. Additionally, we have refined the user interface to enhance navigation and intuitiveness. Discover the details of these updates and enhancements below.

V7.8.0 - Stripe Integration

Good news to all Prop Firms! Version 7.8.0 features a full integration with Stripe - a new payment channel addition exclusively for prop trading. Simply enable the feature within your CRM marketplace, register for a Stripe account and you are all set to onboard Prop Challenge participants all from every corner of the globe. Read on for more details on this exciting release.

February 2024 Updates

V7.7.0 - Revamped Deposit Interface & Prop Challenge "Direct Purchase" Function

This new release spots a deposit interface overhaul, introducing intuitive icons on a streamlined single page for easy navigation. In addition, your clients can now directly purchase a package to participate in challenges, bypassing the need for an initial e-wallet deposit. These enhancements promise a smoother user experience. Additionally, we've optimized the MT4 comprehensive report extension and trading server display, further enhancing the overall functionality of our CRM.

V7.6.0 - Prop Trading System Major Update: Auto-Profit Sharing, Enhanced Configurations & More

This major release brings a host of updates to our Prop Trading System, elevating experiences for both end users and administrators. Now, Prop Firms can effortlessly calculate and distribute profit sharing not only to challengers but IB/referrals as well, offering a powerful incentive to attract more participants. Furthermore, the challenge setup process has been refined for enhanced intuitiveness and flexibility, such as assigning challenges based on client groups, non-disruptive challenge terminations and more. Dive in to explore the full spectrum of improvements!

January 2024 Updates

V7.5.0 - Introducing a New Dimension in IB Commission Module & System Pop-Up Notification to Clients

In this update, we’re thrilled to introduce an extension to our IB commission payout module. Now, alongside volume, spread, and profit-based payouts, you can reward your IBs based on commissions configured on your trading platform. Any commissions charged within your MT4, MT5, cTrader, Sirix and ZeroX are synchronized in real-time with the CRM, allowing you to distribute a percentage of these trading platform commissions directly to your IBs. This robust feature not only provides the flexibility to transform a direct platform commission into a multi-tiered reward system, but also ignites synergies for growth and collaboration within your IB network.

Additionally, system popup notifications are now extended to your clients as well! Your clients no longer need to sift through emails for updates. The enhanced notification function sends automatic pop-up notifications within the CRM, promptly informing clients about request updates such as approvals or rejections. Stay connected and streamline client interactions effortlessly.

December 2023 Updates

V7.4.0 - Prop Trading Challenge Optimization: Advanced Analytics & Enhanced Functions

This release brings pivotal enhancements to the Proprietary Trading Challenge system. Notable improvements include more frequent equity monitoring, now calculated every 10 minutes and a more intuitive "participants" tab that now offers detailed snapshots of traders' status. Furthermore, we've streamlined the admin process with automated approval options, challenge duplication and more!

V7.3.0 - Embrace the New Calendar Experience & Optimized Deposit and Commission Payout Process

In this new release, we're excited to present the all-new Calendar function—a powerful tool designed to help your team effortlessly manage tasks by providing a comprehensive overview of assignments and their corresponding deadlines. Stay organized and on top of your schedule with this intuitive feature.

We've also fine-tuned our PSP deposit settings to offer you greater flexibility. Now, you have the ability to adjust the deposit amounts submitted by your clients, ensuring they align precisely with the funds received in your PSP. This optimization allows you greater control in streamlining transactions and avoid administrative hassle.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of efficiency in your IB commission processes. With the latest update, you can now choose to disable the display of zero commission data. This thoughtful enhancement not only helps declutter your CRM but also contributes to a more effective commission payout system for your IBs.

November 2023 Updates

V7.2.0 - Elevating Your Business with Twilio Verify & MT4 Advanced Account Report Extension

In this update, we're proud to present the seamless integration Twilio Verify into our CRM. This integration enhances your security measures by offering clients a diverse array of reliable verification methods. With Twilio Verify, clients now have the flexibility to opt for 2FA via various channels, such as voice, messaging, and WhatsApp during the onboarding process. Bid farewell to the constraints of email OTP verifications and empower your clients to select the verification method that best suits their preferences.

Furthermore, we've also harnessed the power of MT4 data to create supercharged account reports to provide you unprecedented perspectives and profound insights to your business including clients' performance, trading preferences, and strategies. Additionally, it offers a valuable tool to assess the sustainability of your IB business model. With MT4 Advanced Account Reports, you can make informed decisions that drive your business forward with confidence.

October 2023 Updates

V7.1.0 - Game Changer: Trading Competitions Unleashed!

Get ready to excite your traders with our latest feature: The Trading Competition module. Amp up the trading thrill by hosting trading competitions for your traders to battle it out for the top spot and win enticing prizes. Launch competitions with unprecedented ease complete with leadership boards and the flexibility to automatically distribute rewards. Install the module today and create an electrifying experience for your traders!

V7.0.0 - Unveiling the Exciting World of Proprietary Trading Challenges

We are thrilled to introduce our latest CRM module, the Proprietary Trading (Prop) Challenge. This powerful addition empowers you to effortlessly launch engaging Prop Challenges, enticing clients to participate and showcase their trading skills. Successful traders earn access to funded live trading accounts, making it a compelling feature to attract and reward skilled traders. Join us in revolutionizing your business! Please note that Prop Trading Challenge is currently available for MT4 and MT5 only.

August 2023 Updates

V6.14.0 - Withdrawal Webhook

We are thrilled to unveil the new Withdrawal Webhook feature within our CRM. This enhancement empowers you to effortlessly and securely submit withdrawal requests directly from the CRM to a designated destination URL using Webhooks. With this innovative addition, you can now seamlessly streamline your withdrawal process and enhance operational efficiency.

V6.13.0 - New Commission Payout Method & Rebate Currency Selection

We're thrilled to introduce the new Profit Percentage commission payout method, enabling you to reward IBs based on a percentage of traders' profits. Additionally, we've incorporated a flexible feature allowing you to set commission rebates in either USD or the trading account's base currency.

V6.12.0 - Match2Pay Withdrawal & Mandatory 2-Factor Authentication

Exciting news! Our latest CRM version release comes with two fantastic updates to enhance your experience. You can now easily withdraw funds using Match2Pay, alongside the existing deposit feature. Additionally, we've made our CRM even more secure by introducing mandatory 2-factor authentication (2FA).

July 2023 Updates

V6.10.0 - Risk Management Dashboard

Introducing our latest release featuring the new risk management dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to track your profits over time and provides projected profit analysis based on the hybrid A/B book risk management model. You will also have valuable insights on the top five most profitable traders and the top five traders with the most losses. This enables you to make more informed decisions as a broker, optimizing your A-book and B-book strategies to maximize returns.

June 2023 Updates

V6.7.5 - Match2Pay Integration

We are pleased to announce the integration of Match2Pay, a cryptocurrency Payment Service Provider (PSP), with our CRM platform. This integration allows you to offer your clients an additional payment gateway option specifically tailored for cryptocurrencies. By leveraging Match2Pay's expertise in cryptocurrency transactions, you can provide secure and efficient processing for your clients' cryptocurrency payments. Stay ahead of the competition and enhance your service offerings by utilizing this new integration.

May 2023 Updates

V6.5.0 - SumSub Integration

We're thrilled to share that our latest release includes full integration with SumSub, an all-in-one KYC verification platform that can help catch fraudsters and ensure your business meets compliance regulations worldwide. With this new integration, you can enhance your KYC and due diligence checks on clients, giving you peace of mind that your business is secure.

April 2023 Updates

V6.4.0 - Launch of AI Editor & Addition of Client and Leads Activity Logs

In this new release, we are excited to announce the addition of a new application, the AI Editor, to our CRM marketplace. This application is designed to help you create stunning email templates and custom client pages with ease. In addition, we have incorporated activity logs for your clients and potential leads. This will allow you to keep track of their progress and stay up to date with their current status.

March 2023 Updates

V6.2.0 - AirCall Integration & Optimization of Clients & Leads Details Page

Our this release includes a seamless integration of AirCall with our CRM. AirCall is a cloud-based phone system and call center that makes phone support a breeze. Now, you can effortlessly call your clients directly from the CRM and provide real-time support to address any issues they may have, thereby strengthening your customer relationships. Additionally, we've made optimizations to the Clients & Leads Details Page, presenting you with a comprehensive overview of all your clients' and leads' activities in one convenient location. This update is designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow, enabling you to provide exceptional customer service.

January 2023 Updates

V5.15.0 - Optimizations to PWA & Automatic Deposit Function

In this release, we have optimized the Progressive Web Application (PWA) for your CRM Client Portal to be now available on mobile. Your clients will be able to install the CRM client portal as a mobile application, providing them with an enhanced user experience. Furthermore, enhancements have been made to the automatic deposit function, allowing you to manage your clients’ deposit operations more efficiently.

V5.14.5 - Launch of PWA Application for CRM Client Portal

In this new release, we have launched the Progressive Web Application (PWA) for your CRM Client Portal. Your clients will be able to install the CRM client portal as a desktop or mobile application, providing them with an enhanced user experience.

December 2022 Updates

V5.13.0 - Multiple KYC Forms for Different KYC Requirements

In this release, you can now create multiple KYC forms and customize the fields to cater to different KYC requirements. This allows your onboarding process to cover a full spectrum of KYC requirements for different client types (e.g. corporate or retail clients) and jurisdictions.

V5.12.1 - Newly Added Email Design Templates

In this release, we have added 4 new email design templates for you to choose from - geometric, minimalist, vivid and formal. Select your preferred email design, apply it to all emails and improve your corporate branding now!

November 2022 Updates

V5.12.0 - Addition of System Tags & Optimization of Filtering Options

In this release, we have added automatically generated system tags to the CRM, providing you a comprehensive overview of your clients at a quick glance. Furthermore, the filtering option has been optimized, allowing you to search and filter for clients more efficiently.

V5.11.0 - New Task Function & Enhancement of Client Dashboard

In this release, a new task function has been added allowing you to create tasks, assign tasks to the respective teams and view task statuses. This allows your team to better manage clients’ requests, follow up on them more efficiently and improve customer relationship. Furthermore, the client portal dashboard has also been enhanced to provide your clients a more comprehensive overview of their accounts.

V5.10.0 - New Tier Upgrade Function, Optimization of Deposit & KYC Settings and Customizable Report

In this release, a new tier upgrade function has been added, allowing you to set promotion criteria for your traders and IBs, and have them automatically upgraded to the next tier. Furthermore, you can setup daily deposit timeframes to better manage your operations and provide descriptions of your online deposit methods to your clients. Files uploaded by you on the KYC configuration module will now be shown on the CRM portal without clients having to download them. Depending on your business requirements, this new release also provides you the ability to restrict report timeframes that your clients can view or download.

V5.9.0 - New Ticketing Function & Customization of Exchange Rate Settings

In this release, a new ticketing system has been added to your CRM to facilitate your customer service operations and improve customer relationship. Your clients will be able to submit enquiries via tickets, and you can easily track and manage them on your CRM. This function allows you to assign your tickets, track ticket statuses and resolve your client’s issues more efficiently. Furthermore, you can now customize multiple exchange rates for the same currency for different client groups now. Read on to find out more!

V5.8.0 - Launch of New Tagging Functionality and Optimization of Clients & Leads Details Tab

In this release, you can now add tags to your clients and leads to provide a comprehensive overview of their profile and status. Customize your own tags, color code them and allow your team to understand all account profiles at a quick glance. Optimizations have also been done to clients and leads details to enhance readability of data. Read on to find out more!

October 2022 Updates

V5.6.0 - Customizable User Interface, Launch of New Email Design Templates & Other Optimizations

In this new release, you can now enhance your corporate branding by customizing your CRM portal to your own style preferences and upgrade the look of your emails by applying our pre-built email design templates. Other optimizations have been done to improve data analytics and streamline your operations. Read on to find out more!

V5.5.0 - ChillPay Integration, Enhancements to Notifications Module, New KYC Configuration and more

In this release, we are excited to present to you ChillPay as a newly integrated Payment Service Provider (PSP) on your CRM. You can now receive funds with ChillPay, which supports internet banking, mobile banking, debit and credit card payment, any many more. Open up a new deposit stream for your clients by registering and setting up ChillPay on your CRM now!

The notifications module has also been enhanced, allowing you to customize visibility permissions on all notifications and to reverse pop-up notifications sent to your clients. Bank card is also newly added into the KYC configuration module allowing you to customize your KYC process to suit your business needs.

September 2022 Updates

V5.4.1 - PayPal Integration

In this release, we are excited to present to you PayPal as a newly integrated Payment Service Provider (PSP) on your CRM. You can now receive funds with PayPal, debit cards and credit cards, giving your clients a more comprehensive and efficient fund deposit experience. Open up a new deposit stream for your clients by registering and setting up PayPal now!

V5.4.0 - Enhancement to Multiple Modules & Optimization of Mobile User Interface

In this release, enhancements have been made to multiple CRM modules to streamline your operations. You will now receive prompts for duplicated passport or identification numbers of your clients, allowing you to conduct efficient client due diligence and KYC. Commission rebates will now be paid out to “close by” trades, covering the full suite of trading styles available on MT4 and MT5. Account types are now viewable from the client dashboard, providing your clients a more comprehensive overview of their trading accounts.

The mobile user interface has also been optimized, allowing you and your clients to easily distinguish the different statuses of multiple requests. You can now better manage and operate your business remotely!

V5.3.15 - Enhancement on Leads Module & New Bank Card Approval Function

In this release, the leads module has been enhanced for you to better track the progress of your leads and manage your leads operation more efficiently. Explore this function now to increase your leads conversion rate!

A new bank card approval function has also been launched for you to monitor and control your company’s incoming and outgoing funds. Utilize this function to comply with third party payment restrictions and other regulatory requirements for your company.

August 2022 Updates

V5.3.0 - Marketplace - New Bonus Function

We are excited to launch a new bonus function on our CRM Marketplace. At only USD 200 per month, you can now create campaigns, customize payout criteria and reward your clients with bonus funds to trade more with you. Subscribe now for a 3 months free trial to explore the new bonus function.

July 2022 Updates

V5.2.25 - Improvements to Withdrawal Process, Permissions for Leads Module & Referral Tree Display

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of IBs, traders and admin, so that IBs can manage customers' data and query data more conveniently, admin manager data more efficiently.

June 2022 Updates

V5.2.0 - Open API Functionality

In this version, customers can now obtain the required information through open API.

V5.1.0 - Enhanced Trading Account Module, Downline Filter Function, Remote Login Prompts and More

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of IBs, traders and admin, so that IBs can manage customers' data and query data more conveniently, admin manager data more efficiently.

v5.0.0 - Enhancements Across Multiple Module

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of IBs, traders and admin, so that IBs can manage customers' data and query data more conveniently, admin manager data more efficiently.

May 2022 Updates

V4.4.0 - Introducing New Exchange Rate Sources and Enhanced Email Notifications

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of admin, so that admin can use system more efficiently.

Apr 2022 Updates

V4.2.0 - New Restart Gateway & Domain Management Function

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of admin, so that admin can use system more efficiently.

Mar 2022 Updates

V4.1.0 - Introducing System Logs, Demo Account Promotion Link, and Module Optimizations

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of IBs, traders and admin, so that IBs can manage customers data and query data more conveniently, admin manager data more efficiently and more aware of system data changes.

V4.0.0 - Introduction of New IB Commission Payout Model: Spread Percentage

In this version, we continue to pay attention to and improve the experience of admin, so that admin can manage data more efficiently

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