V7.11.0 - Revamped Prop User Interface

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Released Date - 10 May 2024

It's showtime. Our new Prop Challenge UI has landed in Version 7.11.0!

This update is all about enhancing user experience and making challenges easier to navigate. With the redesigned challenge cards, your traders can effortlessly compare and pick their desired challenges. Payment is now a breeze with one-click participation, and traders participating in multiple challenges can easily keep tabs on all their progress with the intelligent overview feature.

Admins will also welcome the new edit & publish functions making challenge creation ever so easy. Discover these and other enhancements in this release!


  1. Revamped Prop Trading User Interface

    • Multiple Challenges, One Glance - Embrace multiple challenges without missing a beat. Keep your eyes on the prize with intuitive challenge progress tracking.

    • Your Stats in a Snap - Access key statistics and details at your fingertips and visualize your challenge growth.

    • Challenge Accepted - Quick overview of all ongoing challenges with one-click participation and seamless registration fee payment. The new keyword "tag" feature makes it easy for traders to filter and find ideal challenges, ensuring a more tailored experience.

  2. Enhanced Prop Challenge Settings

    • Prop Challenge Card Display - Introducing a new card display mode to showcase your on-going prop challenges. This new visual offers a quick parameter overview of available challenges. Customize and arrange the display to prioritize key challenges you want to highlight, promoting them effectively.

    • Configuration of Challenge Types - Define specific types for each prop challenge, presented as keyword "tags" for effortless browsing and filtering by your clients.

    • Edit & Publish Function - Planning new challenges is now easier than ever. Safeguard your progress by saving challenge edits as drafts, then easily resume at your convenience and publish finalized challenges effortlessly.

    • Duplicate Prop Challenges - Efficiently create new challenges by duplicating existing ones, saving time on repetitive data entry.

  3. Improved Prop Challenge Statistics

    • Participant Insights - Access a new side-menu to view participants and their challenge statistics with ease.

    • Comprehensive Reports - Navigate through various prop trading reports including trade history, commission payouts and profit-sharing reports for comprehensive insights.

Revamped Prop Trading User Interface

1) Multiple Challenges, One Glance

View Challenges
  1. In the Prop Trading tab, your clients can now effortlessly oversee all their ongoing challenges at a glance, with their respective statuses clearly displayed.

Filtering Challenges

By default, challenges are filtered by the following:

  • Pending Approval: Prop challenge participation requests awaiting your review.

  • In Progress: Prop challenges currently underway.

  • Retry: Prop challenges with available retry attempts.

Your clients can further refine their view by filtering challenges based on:

  • Failed: Prop challenges that your client did not successfully complete.

  • Completed: Prop challenges that have concluded, indicating the end of the trading period for the final stage.

Request History
  1. Your clients can access their request history by clicking on "Request History".

  2. This feature allows them to review all previously submitted requests and their corresponding statuses with ease.

2) Your Stats in a Snap

To access challenge details, clients can click on the respective challenge, revealing three main tabs: Overview, Profit Sharing, and Trade History.

For challenges that are currently "Pending Approval," no data will be displayed until the challenge request is approved.

  1. Under the Overview tab, clients gain a comprehensive view of prop challenge statistics, including profit targets, maximum losses, and more.

  2. Additionally, they can access their account information, encompassing:

    • Start Date: Marks the challenge's initiation, signaling when traders receive their trading account credentials.

    • End Date: Indicates the challenge's conclusion. If ongoing, "N/A" will be displayed.

    • Initial Balance: Represents the starting balance of the trading account.

    • Current Stage: Identifies the current stage of the challenge.

    • Status: Depicts the challenge status, such as failed, in progress, completed, and so forth.

  3. Additionally, your clients can view a graph illustrating the fluctuations in their balance and equity over time.

  4. Furthermore, clients have the option to select the trading accounts they wish to view details for. If a client has progressed to the second stage, they can still access their stage 1 details by selecting the corresponding trading accounts.

Profit Sharing
  1. In the Profit Sharing tab, clients can view the amount they receive from profit sharing and their respective payout status.

Trade History
  1. In the Trade History tab, clients can access a record of the trades they've executed for the challenge, along with their respective details.

3) Challenge Accepted

Your clients can view all ongoing challenges with one-click participation and seamless registration fee payment. Here's how:

  1. Click on "New".

  2. By default, the full list of ongoing challenges will be displayed.

Enhanced Prop Challenge Settings

1) Prop Challenge Structure

Previously, prop challenges were structured with challenges containing multiple packages for client selection. In our latest update, we've refined this system, transitioning each package into its own individual challenge. This enhancement optimizes the prop challenge experience, providing increased clarity and flexibility for both you and your clients.

Here's an overview of the prop challenge structure:

You have the flexibility to configure multiple prop challenges for your clients to participate in. Within each challenge, you can customize the number of steps and choose whether each step unfolds in a demo environment with virtual funds or in a live environment with a fully funded trading account. The challenge's complexity increases with the number of steps, providing clients with a progressively challenging experience before reaching the live funded stage.

Additionally, you can set parameters such as profit targets, maximum drawdown, and more for each prop challenge. This customizable approach enables you to finely adjust the difficulty level and progression within your trading challenges.

Furthermore, prop challenges can be categorized into different challenge types. These challenge types serve as keywords for your clients, allowing them to filter and refine their search to find the most suitable prop challenge for their needs.

(For more details on challenge types, refer to 3) Configuration of Challenge Types )

2) Prop Challenge Card Display

Introducing our new Prop Challenge Card Display mode, set to transform your challenge-viewing experience. This innovative feature presents challenges in a user-friendly interface, providing a comprehensive overview of available options.

  1. By default, the prop challenge display mode will be set to List view, presenting a straightforward list of prop challenges.

  2. To switch to the visually engaging Card display mode, simply click on the 'Card' option.

  3. The display mode will instantly transition to Card format, presenting your challenges in visually appealing cards.

Furthermore, you can tailor the display arrangement to craft a personalized viewing experience for your clients, highlighting the challenges you prioritize. To do so, simply click on a prop challenge and drag it to the desired position.

You can also specify the content display for the card view. The available options are:

  1. Stage 1 Rules: Content displayed on the challenge card will be the rules set for stage 1.

  2. Highest Value Across Stages: Content displayed on the challenge card will be the highest value across all stages. For instance, if the profit target for stage 1 is 10% and for stage 2 is 20%, the challenge card will display the profit target of 20%.

3) Configuration of Challenge Types

Now you can configure specific types for each prop challenge, represented as keywords for seamless browsing and filtering by your clients.

To set up challenge types, follow these steps:

  1. While configuring a prop challenge, navigate to the "Basic Information" tab.

  2. Initially, there won't be any predefined challenge types. However, if you've previously set up challenges and packages in the Back Office, those challenge names will automatically appear as challenge types.

4) Edit & Publish Function

Now, you can safeguard your progress by saving challenge edits as drafts. This allows you to seamlessly resume your work at your convenience, ensuring no data is lost in the process. When ready, effortlessly publish your finalized and verified challenges.

A new permission, "Publish Challenges," has been introduced. To publish challenges, you'll need to enable this permission.

For New Challenges, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "New Challenge".

  2. Fill in the details and click "Save and Exit".

  3. A new challenge will be created with the status "Draft".

For Ongoing Challenges, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the "Edit" icon.

  2. Make the necessary changes and click "Save and Exit".

  3. Note that clicking "Next" in the configuration page automatically saves a draft.

  4. You'll notice the challenge status change from "Published" to "Draft".

5) Duplicate Prop Challenges

You can now efficiently create new challenges by duplicating existing ones, saving time on repetitive data entry. To duplicate prop challenges, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the prop challenge you want to duplicate and click the "Duplicate Challenge" icon.

  2. The challenge will be duplicated, and "-copy" will be appended to the challenge name to indicate it as a duplicate.

  3. The duplicated challenge will be automatically saved as a draft.

  4. You can then proceed to edit and publish the prop challenge as needed.

Improved Prop Challenge Statistics

1) Participant Insights

  1. Explore a new side-menu for effortless access to participant details and challenge statistics.

  2. Easily navigate through a list of participants across all challenges, alongside their respective statuses.

  3. Refine your search by selecting a specific challenge from the dropdown menu provided.

  4. To delve deeper into a specific participant's details, simply click on the "View" icon.

  5. You'll be directed to a detailed page offering an overview of the participant's progress. Here, you can also access profit sharing and trade history reports for the participant.

2) Comprehensive Reports

  1. Access a range of prop trading reports, such as trade history, commission payouts, and profit-sharing reports, through the "Reports" side menu for thorough insights.

  2. Easily switch between reports using the dropdown menu provided.

  3. Similarly, refine your search by selecting specific challenges for which you wish to view the reports.

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