Prop Trading Version Release Notes

Updated on 21 June 2024

Latest Updates

V7.15.0 - Prop Trading Enhancements

In this major upgrade to our Prop Trading System, you'll experience powerful new functions and expanded flexibility in managing your Prop Challenges. One standout feature is the ability to adjust leverage settings for ongoing challenges without disruption, giving you enhanced control over your risk management strategies.

Furthermore, the prop trading dashboard has been optimized to deliver a more comprehensive, real-time display of critical data, significantly improving user experience for your clients.

We’ve also made the process of creating and publishing prop challenges easier and more intuitive. Plus, you can now download prop trading requests, allowing for detailed, tailored analysis.

Dive deeper to discover more about these enhancements!

June 2024 Updates

V7.14.0 - Prop Trading 1 Step-Challenge, Tailored Profit Sharing and more!

Exciting times lie ahead as we offer you more options and flexibility for your Prop Trading Challenges, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors! Now, you can create one-step challenges where clients pay a registration fee and instantly receive a funded live account.

In addition to automated profit sharing, you'll now have the option to manually configure profit sharing settlements, giving you full control over when profits are distributed to your traders.

With our expanded range of system-generated notifications in the CRM, both you and your clients will effortlessly stay informed via email or pop-up alerts on challenge outcomes and profit-sharing settlements. Keep reading to explore all the details and discover other exciting functionalities!

May 2024 Updates

V7.11.0 - Revamped Prop User Interface

It's showtime. Our new Prop Challenge UI has landed in Version 7.11.0!

This update is all about enhancing user experience and making challenges easier to navigate. With the redesigned challenge cards, your traders can effortlessly compare and pick their desired challenges. Payment is now a breeze with one-click participation, and traders participating in multiple challenges can easily keep tabs on all their progress with the intelligent overview feature.

Admins will also welcome the new edit & publish functions making challenge creation ever so easy. Discover these and other enhancements in this release!

April 2024 Updates

V7.10.0 - Introducing New Commission Schemes for Prop Trading Challenge Fee

Version 7.10.0 brings about major updates to the commission options for Prop trading challenges. Now, you have the flexibility to customize your prop challenge fee payout structure based on Rank Commission, Overriding Commission or Same Rank Bonus, allowing a host of options to attract and retain your referrers.

March 2024 Updates

V7.8.0 - Stripe Integration

Good news to all Prop Firms! Version 7.8.0 features a full integration with Stripe - a new payment channel addition exclusively for prop trading. Simply enable the feature within your CRM marketplace, register for a Stripe account and you are all set to onboard Prop Challenge participants all from every corner of the globe. Read on for more details on this exciting release.

February 2024 Updates

V7.7.0 - Revamped Deposit Interface & Prop Challenge "Direct Purchase" Function

This new release spots a deposit interface overhaul, introducing intuitive icons on a streamlined single page for easy navigation. In addition, your clients can now directly purchase a package to participate in challenges, bypassing the need for an initial e-wallet deposit. These enhancements promise a smoother user experience. Additionally, we've optimized the MT4 comprehensive report extension and trading server display, further enhancing the overall functionality of our CRM.

V7.6.0 - Prop Trading System Major Update: Auto-Profit Sharing, Enhanced Configurations & More

This major release brings a host of updates to our Prop Trading System, elevating experiences for both end users and administrators. Now, Prop Firms can effortlessly calculate and distribute profit sharing not only to challengers but IB/referrals as well, offering a powerful incentive to attract more participants. Furthermore, the challenge setup process has been refined for enhanced intuitiveness and flexibility, such as assigning challenges based on client groups, non-disruptive challenge terminations and more. Dive in to explore the full spectrum of improvements!

December 2023 Updates

V7.4.0 - Prop Trading Challenge Optimization: Advanced Analytics & Enhanced Functions

This release brings pivotal enhancements to the Proprietary Trading Challenge system. Notable improvements include more frequent equity monitoring, now calculated every 10 minutes and a more intuitive "participants" tab that now offers detailed snapshots of traders' status. Furthermore, we've streamlined the admin process with automated approval options, challenge duplication and more!

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